Finding size can change

Whether it is the new versions of Sandvox, or user error, it is actually easy to make larger pages to represent published stories. Score!

Making Changes

Sandvox will not let me remove a link (I thought) once it had been made a subsidiary of a page. For instance my stories showed page 2 etc in the menu rather than the title (which I still don't know how to add). At least I can now remove an unwanted link and who knows, the technique may allow me to add appropriate drop-downs.

Lightroom galleries in Sandvox

If you use Lightroom for your workflow, posting images to a Sandvox pagelet can be stressful. Solution? Do your captions in Library mode, Develop, then in Slideshow, holding  option key changes Export — PDF to Export as JPG and it all flows nicely. Problem solved with the help of Adobe users.

Making changes

Anyone note that there are duplicates of the first post? Apparently a blog is uneditable once posted, regardless when you discover spelling or punctuation errors. Say what? I can't edit my  own posts? Well, with an html editor (no matter how poorly understood) you can.

Size matters

Moving from poorly understood (actually, almost completely not understood, thank god for a background in WordStar) html website to a Sandvox design is proving frustrating for a photographer. Learning to size appropriately, is a particular is a challenge, as is the design of photo pages. Hmm, photographer, photo pages... Maybe that's critical?

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